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        A mixed-nationality wedding is our thing -a wedding of this kind always tends to be genuine and moving. Dimitri and Rita travelled all the way from Toronto to get married in Dimitri’s motherland, Monemvasia, in South Greece. Rita, who is of Russian origin and Dimitri got married in a Greek Orthodox Church, with an additional touch of North America wedding style to their celebrations. The effortless elegance of this wedding proves that classic can never go wrong and marks our favourite wedding of the year! Rita was radiating in her elegant embellished Jenny Packham dress, which made the perfect match with Dimitri’s all-time-classic bespoke suit. The setting was completed by olive leaf and lavender adornments, which are traditional elements of the region. This elegant wedding holds some of our favourite aspects; The intimacy and the unconstrained happiness, and of course the deep love that two humans share. All it takes is happy faces, love and the perfect backdrop. Monemvasia is beautiful more than words can say, making the ideal scenery for Dimitri and Rita’s classy wedding.


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        We found Fanis and Jenny online and planned our wedding in Greece from afar. From the first moment, both were very responsive which was really a blessing. We talked a bit about what we wanted and they understood right away what we were looking for. The photos came out better than I could have ever imagined, they captured the intimate moments that are so often missed during the huge day and they really were very easy to work with. They are both so polite, so patient, very professional and are dedicated to what they do. I would recommend Days Made of Love in a heart beat. The pictures turned out really well by the way. We're very happy with the end result

        Days Made Of Love Wedding Photography
        The photos came out better than I could have ever imagined, they captured the intimate moments that are so often missed during the huge day.


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