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        Smita & Itamar

        What a great honour to have been part of this wedding! Smita and Itamar tied the knot in beautiful Tinos island in Greece with an interfaith Indian Jewish wedding ceremony, along with their families and friends from all over the world. We couldn’t be happier to have witnessed every moment of their celebrations. Tinos island is a tranquil and hospitable place with ravishing villages and amazing views. The festivities lasted two days, during which we felt more than welcome. We learned a lot about the two different cultures of the bride and the groom, the Indian and the Jewish culture; Both Smita and Itamar stayed true to their customs and traditions, creating a vivid mixture of celebrations. We were very touched by the love those two families share and their strong bond.

        Congratulations / Mazel Tov / Mubarak Ho Smita and Itamar!

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        Fanis and Jenny are gifted photographers, and lovely people to work with. Would recommend them strongly.

        Days Made Of Love Wedding Photography
        Fanis and Jenny are gifted photographers, and lovely people to work with.


        This also provides us the opportunity to share our joy with family and friends, who were not able to join us in Tinos…

        Dear mr. Nakhooda,
        it was really a pleasure but most of all an honour for us to capture your celebrations!
        Fanis + Jenny

        Dear Fanis and Jenny

        Thank you for truly capturing the wonderful feeling of this unique event in the lives of not only Smita & Itamar but also all our families and friends who could join us…


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