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        Nevena + Milos

        Nevena and Milos organised a truly unique celebration, which totally reflected their style and their love story. They travelled from Belgrade, Serbia to get married in Halkidiki, north Greece and spent their big day near the beach, surrounded by their family and closest friends. The setting of their beach wedding was perfectly completed by pastel flower arrangements and classy details.
        These two are madly in love, absolutely dedicated to one another and to their adorable newborn daughter Una. Their entire wedding day was full of pure emotions of affection and happiness. We feel extremely fortunate for having the chance to witness how people act at their most intimate moments.

        Event design & planning: Jedan frajer i bidermajer
        Venue: Olympion Sunset
        Bride’s gown: Custom made by Predrag Vukasinovic
        Bride’s shoes: Le Silla
        Make up: Bojana Carica Stankovic
        Band: Stubovi Pop Kulture

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        We would definitely recommend Days Made Of Love to any couple seeking for extraordinary, high quality and artistic photography! As it is not limited to wedding photos only but to any occasion couples want! Days Made Of Love are professionals, enthusiasts who offer excellent service, flexibility, creativity and cooperation. They are ready to go extra mile when needed in order to have satisfied customers. We had excellent collaboration and thanks to them we have beautiful lifetime memories from biggest events in our life. They captured a lot of beautiful moments on our W-day, so spontaneously that many of our guests were not aware photographers are there, and after collecting photos we saw they also captured some off-agenda moments full of emotions we are happy having them! Beside that, they are very responsive and do meet all deadlines.

        Days Made Of Love Wedding Photography

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