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        Santorini Pre-Wedding Photography

        The enchanting colours of the sunset made the perfect backdrop for Vinita and Pavan’s Santorini pre-wedding pictures. These two young lovers chose to celebrate their love in this beautiful island of Greece. Santorini is such a charming place, with breathtaking views from cliff-side locations that totally worth the hike to reach them; Do we absolutely love it when our couples are willing to get adventurous with us! We had a lovely time taking the pre-wedding photos of them while exploring parts of the island until the dusk. Beautiful people in love and epic sceneries, that’s all it takes to make us happy.

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        Fanis and Jenny - you two were a Godsend!!!! My fiancé and I were looking for some stunning pictures while we visited Santorini to display at our engagement party in Toronto, Canada - and these two did not fail to impress us one bit! We were truly blown away by how amazing our pictures turned out. What we appreciated even more is the fact that because both Fanis and Jenny were not from Santorini, they took some personal time to explore beautiful spots on the island for us to be photographed. Had it not been for them, we would have never seen such beautiful, hidden corners that Santorini entails. While their work is stunning and they put their heart and soul into their projects, what really made Fanis and Jenny capture our hearts was their extremely beautiful and kind souls. They are so accommodating - they drove us to all the locations so we had no stress of getting anywhere on our own, and to top it all off, they were just such a pleasure to be around. I love that we were able to connect with our photographers on a personal level - it felt like we had known them for years, even though we spent a mere few hours together! If you are looking for photographers, I would highly recommend Fanis and Jenny anywhere in the world! They will exceed your expectations in every way!!

        Days Made Of Love Wedding Photography
        We were truly blown away by how amazing our pictures turned out. Had it not been for them, we would have never seen such beautiful, hidden corners that Santorini entails.


        Thank you Rob! 🙂

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        Absolutely adore this! Just beautiful!

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