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        Wedding photographers and lovers who love to photograph fun, free spirited, passionate and lovestruck couples. Our everyday life is a story of coffees and good food in favourite places, strolls around the city and explorations of the countryside, music, movie nights and a lot of editing. We absolutely love travels, fall and spring, and our crazy dogchild.

        We are based in Greece, shooting weddings at the Greek islands and all over in Europe. We love to travel, so feel free to share your plans for your destination wedding with us!
        So far, we have been to:
        Santorini, Paris, Florence, Monemvasia, Sifnos, Tinos, Istanbul, Alonnisos, Crete, Cyprus.

        Our style

        It’s quite hard to put into words how we feel about our photography since we have learned to communicate through our pictures, but we’ll give it a try here! Our photographic style is storytelling and creative. We focus on the story that is unfolded in front of us and act accordingly, always keeping in mind that every couple is different and so is their wedding. We are inspired by our couples’ unique stories and we prefer to follow them rather than direct them, in order to capture those candid moments of love and happiness. It takes a few simple things to fascinate us: Being able to capture the pure love between two persons, the intimate moments they share with their loved ones on that special day of a wedding, the overflow of emotions.