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        Greece Wedding Photography

        Aoos Springs Lake, GR

        Working all summer long can be very complicated, especially if you are not a warm weather fan -like us. Don’t get us wrong, we love our job! We just don’t particularly like summer. We tend to get over-excited as soon as fall arrives, because we love the colours of the nature and the first chilly days. As the winter comes, our lust for exploration grows badly. For these love portraits we visited a serene lake in the mountains of Greece. A peaceful place just like these two lovers we got to photograph. This time we were lucky enough to see some snow too. Oh, and the dusk right after the sunset was the perfect timing for our current mood.

        Alright, truth is that we had a really good time strolling around the near village and eating local delicacies, that we got a little out of schedule. But the best thing about schedules, not to follow them!

        Maria and Pantelis, and of course Lou, thanks for spending this day with us. You guys rock!

        Metsovo Greece winter-love-portraits-12Road trip Greece Aoos springs Lake Metsovo Greece winter-love-portraits-13maria-pantelis love portraits winter-love-portraits-15 greece wedding photographymaria-pantelis winter-love-portraits-28 greece wedding photography love portraitswinter-love-portraits-36 maria-pantelis aoos springs lake greece winter-love-portraits-39 maria-panteliswinter-love-portraits-49 winter-love-portraits-50 winter-love-portraits-52 winter-love-portraits-58 maria-pantelis winter-love-portraits-66winter-love-portraits-68 aoos springs lake winter Greece maria-pantelis greece wedding photographer winter-love-portraits-76maria-pantelis winter-love-portraits-80 maria-pantelis couple session winter-love-portraits-90 Aoos Springs Lake Greece greece wedding photographermaria-pantelis winter-love-portraits-98 greece wedding photographer winter-love-portraits-102 maria-pantelis winter-love-portraits-109 winter-love-portraits-112


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